It’s Monday! What are you Reading?

This week I’m reading The Tommyknockersby Stephen King, and I’m 56 pages into the book.

I chose to17660

read this book because of my class’s previous assignment to read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. Maybe this was a clever marketing ploy by King: make a book on writing causing everyone who read it to want to read your other books to see your actual writing style and see if you stuck to your own advice. It sure had that effect on me. But in seriousness, this is exactly why I wanted to read The Tommyknockers. That and the fact that I thought I could learn a few more things by reading another work of his. In addition to this book, I also picked up another book of his, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which I have been reading as well.

As apparently

many of his novels do, this story takes place in rural Maine. We follow a woman named Anderson who, besides the company of her dog Peter, lives by herself. One day, while walking in the woods near her house, she literally stumbles over a piece of metal sticking out of the earth and stops to examine it.

The metal was dull grey- not the bright color of tin or iron at all. And it was thicker than a can, maybe  a quarter-inch at its top. Anderson placed the pad of her right index finder of this edge and felt a momentary odd tingling, like a vibration. 

It seems that the rest of the story will revolve around this piece of metal and what its significance means. I’m eager to read on to see how King will handle this significance.

One interesting

thing about this novel is that in his book on writing King admits he wrote this book while he was still under the sway of cocaine addiction. When King looked back on The Tommyknockers, he saw that some of the events the protagonist goes through in this book symbolize King’s own struggle with addiction. Because of this knowledge I can try to find these symbols, and only being 10% though the book, I feel that I’ve already found traces.



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