Blog Wrap-Up

This has been my first time blogging. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like writing to a public audience but I think it’s been a good experience. Mostly my posts have been reviews about the books I’ve also been reading for class. As I know for sure that I’m pen-and-papergoing to keep reading, it’s likely that I’ll do a review on a book or two every now and again since I know that I have blogging as a resource to talk about them. One thing I found that was interesting about my experience blogging is that I’ve been getting a lot of views from people all over the world. I wasn’t even planning on trying to get any subscribers to my blog, but through my class assignments somehow I’ve picked up a few. It’s been an interesting experience having strangers read my works and I think it’s probably a good way, if I wanted to focus more on blogging in the future for advertising my fiction writing, to  get noticed. I’m trying to work on a few different stories right now but haven’t made a whole lot of progress other than what I’ve submitted for my class. I hope as it comes to an end that I’ll continue with my writing and try to make it a habit.

For future blog posts I’ll probably be reviewing more works of Stephen King, and of George R.R. Martin. I also think In the future if I do more reviews that I’ll try to analyze the review books more in depth. Because these reviews were for class I found that many times I wrote just enough to cover the word count or the required subject matter, this post included. If I do more reviews on my own, I think that I’ll take the reviews more seriously. Thanks to anyone who has been reading my posts or will read them in the future!









One thought on “Blog Wrap-Up

  1. Thats really cool how much you’ve become interested in blogging. I think you’re the first person that has said they will continue to blog after this class that I have looked at so far. You must be a better writer and have put more effort into it because I don’t think anyone has looked at my posts.


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